At Delivery One we put customers first. Accordingly, we will be ready to work in parallel to the high growth of the Jordanian Market in all aspects; we will always enlarge our services and add more characteristics which should continuously meet your requests and demands. We are always willing to develop the trust and confidence of our clients.

Why Delivery One?

  1. The most up-to-date and comprehensive directory of restaurants and shops delivery services.
  2. The quality of food will range from 'heat-and-eat' food to fresh 'gourmet' meals. Most services will deliver food to your home or office.
  3. Rapidity and quickness to deliver your order.
  4. We reach you wherever you are.
  5. The customer satisfaction and expectation is our first and major Target.
  6. We are entitled with transparency, intelligibility, and objective attitude.
  7. Our staff is highly trained to work in parallel with new and updated tools and methods of delivery services.
  8. Our staffs are trained to work under stress, with the spirit of team work.
  9. Delivery One owns 93 cars and busses to ensure that neither lateness nor delay will take place in reaching our clients wherever they are.

Our Services

  • Food Delivery & Corporate Catering
  • Flowers & Balloons Delivery
  • Cakes Delivery
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Sho Ma Baddak Delivery Service
  • Online Shopping Delivery
Food Delivery

Restaurants, Flowers & Balloons, Cakes & Sweets, Catering

Parcel Delivery


Delivering your parcels anywhere in Jordan.


Sho Ma Baddak

This is for anything even a pack of cigarettes, custom orders.